What do your dreams mean ?

Have you always wondered what your dreams mean? Have you ever got up feeling your dream was so real that it could be true or have you actually gotten angry at someone because they did something wrong in your dreams? I was a psychology student and I spent a lot of my time reading on dreams. Not all of my theories matched Freud’s or Hall’s concept but a lot of what I learnt of dreams was by analysing my own. Every time I would have a dream, I would spend some time thinking about it and the reasons behind it.

Stating 5 such common dreams that are a result of those analyses and of my conversation with other people and their interpretations.

1. Failing or not prepared for exams– Often happens due to high expectation from oneself. When we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to expect something, our subconscious mind helps us to prepare for the worst within our dreams. If we succeed, we are happy, but if we don’t, we convince ourselves that we knew it beforehand only because our subconscious has already played that moment in our minds. Failing in exams may not point to just exams itself but is a symbol of any test or challenge we are expecting or of a future ambition.

2. Being thirsty (wanting water in your sleep)– Honestly this could happen if you are dehydrated. External stimuli may awaken the senses. The brain often interprets this stimulus and makes it a part of a dream to ensure continued sleep. If you have not had enough water through the day, it could result in you desiring water in your dreams. This may hold good for many other things. Often dreams are like a messengers (Jung proved this theory as well). It tries to convey a message sometimes. When you desire or crave something it often results in you desiring that in your dreams too.

3. Seeing your bf/gf cheat on you– Many psychologists have believed that this is a sign of insecurity. To me it could be either. When you love someone you fear the worst- of losing and you translate that into your dreams or you could also see it because a part of you believes that this is possible. A part of you does believe that your partner is capable of cheating on you. Hence the fear comes up in your dreams. This may also indicate partly a lack of confidence within yourself. This can be overcome by believing more in yourself than others.

4. Seeing yourself die– Often this is a sign of attention. Most of us see this dream and analyze how it would be for people to lose us. It is a symbol of assessing how much we matter to others. When I spoke to people about this very dream, most attested that they mostly saw images of others crying and talking about their death rather then focusing on how they died. This often reflects a sign of assurance requirement

5. Recurring image of the same place– I personally have often had this dream. I used to keep seeing this particular image of a place in my sleep over and over again not knowing where it was. After much analysis, I realized that the image in my dreams was a combination of few fascinations that I liked in a movie or a book. I have always enjoyed watching historical movies particularly those of Egypt and Greece. This very dream that I saw was often of an ocean with white canvas ships like those you have in river Nile with white dome shape buildings lined along it like those in Greece. I on the other hand would be standing in my hotel in a distance trying to capture this scene through my camera but would keep failing to do so due to random reasons. What my mind actually did was to capture and combine what I had read or seen previously of Egypt and Greece in movies and book into one non-existent place and present to me. The act of me not being able to capture it in my camera perhaps could be a symbol of telling me that this place is not real. Many psychologist also claim this dream is symbol of our deep desire to travel the unknown or a want of adventure.

Sometimes dreams give us solution we can never come up with when we are awake. Many scientists say that dreams give us a resolution as our mind is calm and ego is at peace, which allows us to think better. The sad part is most of us do not remember these dreams when we get up. As much as dreams might signify something, my advice is, do not read much into it. Dreams are to be seen in our sleep and  forgotten when we wake up.Enjoy it ,if it is good and ignore it, if it is bad.That is the beauty of dreams- we can choose to ignore it unlike reality.

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