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Love, luck, and unity – 3 words that perhaps we need the most today, more than any other time. I paired up with Bling Jewelry to showcase Ayllu, a beautiful representation of different communities coming together through some gorgeous yet subtle accessories shaped with the symbol of infinity.

Their earrings, necklaces, and rings are more than just accessories. They stand for a cause and a voice – the voice which believes in embracing and accepting different cultures and individuals.

Being an Indian, growing up in Singapore, living in the US and having friends from all over the world has made me realize how important it is to be aware and accepting of each other despite any differences. Humanity first, rest later. This personal belief of mine was essential in collaborating with a company such as Ayllu that holds similar values. 

The first pair of earrings that I received from them – Ayllu ‘We Are One’ ear cuff,  won my heart because I am so into ear cuffs nowadays.

I wore it with a pair of grey culottes, grey tie-knot tee, a multi-tier choker and black platform shoes.

bling jewlery

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The other pair of earrings that they sent me was the Ayllu, ‘Come Together’ stud. It was a simple gold and silver design which is casual enough to be worn on any outfit.

It’s currently nice and summery in San Francisco, so I paired those with a pair of denim shorts, white t-shirt, gray choker, knee length boots and some super cute white sunglasses.







Join the movement, join the voice with your very own Ayllu accessories.

Use my code ‘AYPBNFO‘ before September 2017 to avail $10 off.

I will have the full lookbook coming up on Youtube so stay tuned for it.


Disclaimer: The products are sponsored but the thoughts and feelings are my own.

Photographer: Dawn Elizabeth 


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