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Image is all about collecting your inner self to discover your identity and representing that ‘you’ to the world in the best way you can.We believe portraying the right image is important .It helps you to reduce the gap between who you really are and how people perceive you to be. My aim as an image consultant is to bring out that consistency and confidence in you and at the same time help you discover your very own personal style.

Services we offer:

  • Wardrobe Consulting 
  • Personal Style Consultation
  • Bodyline,Face and Colour Consultation
  • Personal Shopping
  • Dressing solutions
  • Corporate Workshops
  • Fashion Styling for Projects and Shoots

How The Process Works :

  • Client sends us an email with their needs.
  • After assessing their requirements, we send them a quote. The quote includes number of hours needed for the consultation, services rendered and the total price. (The need of each individual differs and we respect their privacy, hence if you need more clarity around this please feel free to email me)
  • Once the meeting is set up, we send our clients ( individual consultations) a pre-questionnaire to understand their goals and needs.
  • After a date and time is fixed, I either travel to the client or the client travels to me. 
  • When the consultation is over, the client is sent  an email with an e-note which sums up the consultation and learnings from it. 
  • If a follow up is needed, we can set another appointment.

For a typical 2 hour consultation see the process here

For more past and future workshops, events and consultation images click here


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