Guest Blog : How To Plan The Perfect Day Trip

Summer is here and we couldn’t be happier. It is time for day trips, brunches, and wine tasting. If you are planning something along those lines, check out these tips by John-Daniel. Read on.

We all know what it feels like to have time to ourselves. You always want to get that one hour off and just drive your way to the end of Thames, and just keep doing it after that. The problem is, we never get time to do all that. However, a day trip is just about the right way to make sure that you get to enjoy some ‘me’ time. It does not matter if you have 2 or 24 hours off work; all there is to it is find the time and place. 

My top 3 tips to plan the perfect day trip:

1. Stop with the fear

We all harbor the fear of going out to places we have never been before.  However, life is short, so try and shed the fear. Plan trips to places you have never been before. Research and read review. A day trip should be about you kicking your shoes off absorbing the ambiance and embracing yourself in the present. 

2. Decide on the route

It always helps to prepare a checklist of the route and places you want to stop in between to check out. Plan your map beforehand and time you would need for each place. This will help you navigate your trip better and not be delayed at any point.

3. Pack some food for a picnic

Day trips are long and grueling, and you will find yourself needing a silver lining. That’s when food helps. Pack in some handy food and lots of water. Take some time out to treat yourself and your loved one with a short picnic amidst the adventure. If it is too much work, purchases a pre-packed picnic basket always helps.


If you are interested in purchasing a picnic basket for your day trip, then I would recommend you check out Love Picnic to find the best deal for you. They have baskets for all budgets with a variety of options.

These were my top 3 tips for planning he perfect day trip. Let me know in the comments below if you have more.  We would love to hear them.



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