5 Behaviour We Just Do not Understand – Version 1.0

Have you ever seen someone do or say something that makes you goes “What !how does that even make sense” or ”  Isn’t it basic common sense”.Well, we are all different.None of us are perfect and we all have our little quirks.Stating such 5 very common quirks that sometimes succeeds in baffling our understanding of our fellow human :

1.How does writing in Caps indicate  shouting 

Every time I reply back to someone in Caps,I have had to apologize and say ” Sorry for the caps” in case they might take it the wrong way.Personally I don’t care if someone replies to me back in Caps.The content matters not how they write it.The logic that caps means shouting holds no meaning.You can never convey a tone through the font.

2.Why do people mass upload pictures from their camera to face-book

I have never understood why people upload 100+ pictures from their phone or camera directly to face book, most of which is blurred or repeated.Yes, it is an easy way out but by doing this most people will not even see your pictures which I am guessing should be the idea of putting pictures.If you want people to view your photos and appreciate them,spend some time and effort in choosing good ones,editing them and then putting it up.

3.Why do Asian girls consider it a big thing to have a white boyfriend and white men to have Asian girlfriends.

There is no intention of judging and segregating anyone here but just an observation.I guess the concept is similar.The way white men think asian girls are exotic, the same way Asian girls consider it a big deal to have a white boyfriend, the logic of which I am always unable to get.It’s great if you like each other or are in love but I know people who want a white guy because they think it is cool.If that’s the reason you should take a raincheck as your reasons to date itself is wrong .This might give you momentary pleasure but won’t give you long term happiness even if it lasts.The reason to be with anyone irrespective of race,gender, nationality should be love and only love.

4.How is staying late at work indicative of doing more work

Employers should understand the different working styles of employees.Not all are the same.Some are fast and productive and some are slow.Their abilities and capabilities might be the same but working style, different.Some people like to take their time to finish their work as it gives them less stress while others like to get done as soon as they can and leave.Employers need to understand this difference and stop judging on quantity and penalizing those who finish their work early.

5.Why do boys take longer to reply to an SMS than girls 

No girl has been able to resolve this question.The best  answer we give to ourselves to convince this habit of men is that they cannot multi task.Women always wonder how they are able to reply or pick up calls no matter what situation they are in whereas men can’t.Fights between the two genders are very common upon this one habit.It is partly true that men cannot multitask, but the main reason is that men do not see what is the big deal if they answer an sms after 5 minutes or after 30 minutes .But for women they take this very action of men personally.They feel they are being de-prioritised hence get annoyed.Woman will be glued to their phone during a conversation hence will be prompt to reply whereas men are ok to watch tv ,go for a shower or fall  asleep amidst a conversation and reply later

Tell us what you feel about his post and watch this space out for Version 2.0 on “Human Behaviour We Just do not understand”


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