Know Your Man Better – 7 Things that Men do or feel but won’t admit


1. They miss their mom : Men miss their family esp. their mom but prefer not talking about it. Talking about it makes them either feel guilty about not spending as much time at home or talking to their parents… Continue Reading

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Marry a Man Who Knows How to say Sorry


Marry a man who knows how to say sorry. Marry him because he will be upset that you are upset and you will truly know he loves you. Marry him because he does not expect you to make up all… Continue Reading

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Fashion Police- 40th People’s Choice Awards 2014


The 40th People’s Choice was exciting with Sandra Bullock stealing most of the awards.But like all event, the most interesting part is the red carpet.Many starts gave us a preview of the spring summer collection of many designers.They also gave… Continue Reading

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7 commandments of Instagram-What you should not do


Instagram has become the new Facebook and everyone loves it.But while on it,it will help to follow few instagram etiquettes.We present to you the 7 commandments : 1.Do not like every picture  : It is good to be appreciative and… Continue Reading

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Trending-Rocking The Radiant Orchid- Colour of the 2014


So it is official-Global Colour authority Pantone (provider of color systems and leading technology for accurate communication of color) has named  “Radiant Orchid” as the colour of the year. Annually Pantone declares a particular color “Color of the Year”. Twice a year… Continue Reading

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